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This pass gets you into the whole festival - all parties and workshops from Friday to Monday. Please check the level information below before booking your ticket


This year our socials will be all about just that – hanging out, partying late, swinging out hard and soaking up those sweet tunes with friends old and new.  There will be live music and our favourite DJs so plenty to get excited about! Socials take place Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

You can find the Parties Schedule here


A place we can learn, work hard, practice and meet new people – the workshops are a great way to boost our swing dance learning and inspire us in new ways. There’ll be a range of levels open for partner swing dancing and each track includes some solo jazz so there is truly something for everyone! Workshops take place in the daytime on Friday Bank Holiday, Saturday and Sunday. Workshop Passes and Full Passes will be entitled to 8 hours of workshops over the course of the event.

You can find the Workshops Schedule here


We offer four tracks at London Swing Festival, Sugarhill, Congaroo, Killer Diller and ‘A’ Train. Check out the level descriptions below to find out which track is right for you.

HAPPY FEET (Beginner)
You’ve been dancing for under 6 months or have maybe only taken one or two swing dance classes before! This dance is totally new to you. 

You’re no longer a beginner dancer – you’ve found your weekly class (or two!) and you may have gone to a social dance. You’ve been to enough classes to have a dance and a good time but you know there are still a lot of things about social dancing that evade you and there are moves and steps that you’re not sure about. We don’t currently offer the Hellzapoppin’ track at this year’s festival but check out the workshops offered by Swing Patrol as you might find something that can boost your dancing!

You attend weekly classes and go social dancing often. You may have performed or competed once or twice but solo jazz is still a new thing for you. You know how to do a swing out and are familiar with different types of Charleston and 6 and 8 count lindy hop, and you can transition between them. You are excited to develop more connection and partner dance skills as well as broaden your swing dance repertoire!

You attend various weekly classes, workshops, social dances, weekend festivals and maybe even events abroad. You may have performed or competed a few times (perhaps also placed) and you have taken lots of solo jazz classes. You dance with transitions between different types of charleston and lindy hop with confidence and can swing out at a good speed! You know how to connect well with a partner, move through different figures with different energy and in a musical way. This track is for dancers who have developed some self awareness of their own dancing and are looking to add more variety, depth and finesse.

You attend the highest level classes, workshops and courses in your scene and abroad, as well as working independently on your own practice and perhaps also your own choreography. You regularly social dance in your scene and nationally/internationally. You may have competed many times and placed in a few competitions and/or may teach in your local scene. You have attended many solo jazz classes and workshops and work on your solo dancing in your own time. You are able to combine tricky moves and movements into a dance and experiment with variations, flow and dynamics. This track is for dancers looking for ways to dig deeper into the nuance of the dance, to find greater connection, precision and complexity within partner dancing and solo jazz.

This track is Invitational. If you are interested in applying you may contact the organisers at
You are a seasoned pro – dancing competitively, creating unique choreography and teaching regularly and internationally. You strike a balance between being in tune with your partner, with the music and with your own personal ‘voice’ when dancing. You can quickly pick up complex material and understand how to adapt and combine different rhythms and patterns to create exciting ideas. This track is for dancers to challenge themselves and work with an intimate group of peers to explore advanced skills and concepts.